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  • 10 Years of Outside Oslo

    A bit of a milestone passed by unobserved here a few months ago: the 10-year anniversary of Outside Oslo. I still remember clicking "publish" on that first post on September 1, 2009, and how the blog became a powerful tool…

  • Rømmegrøt

    Norwegian Rømmegrøt (Sour Cream Porridge)

    My bookshelves sag with stories—literature in the form of recipes, memories formed between batter-spattered handwritten lines. I’ve said for a long time that I care so much about Scandinavian food because of the people. My grandparents loved me with medisterkaker…

  • Syttende Mai with Grandparents 1980s

    Syttende Mai: Seattle, 1980s

    Old Ballard was about as Scandinavian as you could get. Though far from the Nordic countries, the little neighborhood north of downtown Seattle had drawn immigrants by the thousands over the years. It used to be as easy to find lefse as it was…

  • Wedding Day with Grandma

    Food Lovingly Prepared and Joyously Served

    I miss them. It hit me one night as I sat at my desk in my office, suddenly thinking about my grandparents. In an instant it was like I was back there at their house overlooking Puget Sound, so many…

  • Cake, May 1956

    A Cake from Gourmet, May 1956

    The ship carrying my dad and his parents from Norway to their new home in the United States docked in New York 57 years ago this month. From that moment on, the family of three would strive to settle into…