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  • Norwegian plukkfisk

    Norwegian Plukkfisk (Cod & potatoes)

    For so many of us who embrace our Scandinavian roots, the celebration foods of the holidays are the ones we associate with our heritage. I’ve written plenty here over the years about the lefse, waffles, krumkaker, and sandbakkels that I…

  • Norwegian Julekake

    Norwegian Julekake (Christmas Bread)

    I took my kids to the local Scandinavian bakery the other day for an after-school treat. As we peeked in–making sure we weren’t exceeding the number of customers allowed into the shop at a time due to the pandemic–I thought…

  • Norwegian Rice Porridge (Risgrøt) For a Koselig Kitchen

    In the midst of the pandemic, as the weather shifts away from the warm days that allowed for comfortable outdoor gatherings, I suspect we’re all going to need some extra coziness. Autumn takes its time settling in where I live,…

  • Kransekake

    Kransekake – A Norwegian & Danish Celebration Cake

    Fifteen years ago this month, a kransekake stood tilting on the cake table at my wedding reception. Adorned with tiny Swedish and Norwegian flags, it hinted at the respective heritages of both my groom and myself. I don’t know if…

  • Kvæfjordkake, also known as World's Best Cake

    Kvæfjordkake: Norwegian “World’s Best Cake” Recipe

    (Disclosure: Posts on this site may include Affiliate Links; click here to learn more.) If you’ve ever had a bite of Kvæfjordkake, then you likely understand why many people know it as cake is also known as verdens beste kake…

  • Grandma Adeline’s Lefse

    Grandma Adeline was a professional lefse baker back in the day. Here is her recipe, with detailed instructions as I learned the steps from her.

  • Grandma Adeline’s Norwegian Potato Dumplings

    I’ll be honest, I’m sharing this recipe from a place of vulnerability. I could get away without mentioning that fact, but by doing so I would feel like I were just tossing the recipe into the world with no reverence…

  • Cauliflower with Shrimp Sauce

    Wine-Steamed Cauliflower with Creamy Shrimp Sauce

    I made the coziest little meal the other evening. I say “little” because it had been a day full of recipe testing and I felt like keeping things simple. I call it cozy because the spoonfuls of tender wine-steamed cauliflower…

  • Troll Cream

    Whipped Lingonberry Troll Cream (Trollkrem)

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back in this space today. After months of planning, I’m relaunching Outside Oslo and having an amazing set of recipes to share with you in the weeks and months to…