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  • Norwegian plukkfisk

    Norwegian Plukkfisk (Cod & potatoes)

    For so many of us who embrace our Scandinavian roots, the celebration foods of the holidays are the ones we associate with our heritage. I’ve written plenty here over the years about the lefse, waffles, krumkaker, and sandbakkels that I…

  • Scandinavian Fish Cakes with Remoulade

    Scandinavian Fish Cakes with Remoulade

    Now that spring is here, it’s time to lighten up our cooking, and these Scandinavian Fish Cakes with Remoulade are a perfect recipe for this time of the year. I first shared the recipe in my my cookbook The Pescatarian Cookbook…

  • Smoked Mackerel Salad, Two Ways

    On hot summer days when you just don't want to turn on the oven, salads can be an appealing dinner option. Today I have two versions of a smoked mackerel salad that offer plenty of flavor and protein with little…

  • Skagenröra

    Creamy Shrimp and Dill on Cucumber Slices (Skagenröra)

    Toast Skagen, or Skagenröra, is a popular Scandinavian appetizer that’s as easy as can be yet a crowd pleaser. This creamy, herb-flecked shrimp salad is typically served on triangles of buttered toast, but I’ve lightened up my Skagenröra by using…

  • Roasted Oysters with Rhubarb Mignonette

    I sometimes wonder if I was born with a taste for the sea. The first time I stepped foot in Norway, I experienced a deep sense of belonging and longing. It was as if I had finally arrived at a…