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  • A Lutefisk Feast

    “My mom would have been proud of you,” Dad told me from the place where he rested, post-meal, in my kitchen. As I sealed plastic wrap over bowls of medisterkaker, potatoes, red cabbage, and riskrem to refrigerate and Mom filled my dishwasher…

  • Strawberries in Field

    Picking Strawberries at Biringer Farm

    Summer in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most pleasant, enjoyable combinations of time and place that I can imagine. Neither chilly nor too hot, the days are typically sunny and just warm enough to allow for flip flops…

  • Returning Home & Reflecting on Kauai

    After three weeks, nearly 20,000 air miles and roughly 40 hours of flying, I am home. During the month of March, I spent more time traveling than I did in Seattle—first a whirlwind trip to New Zealand followed by a…

  • Auckland Skyline in Distance

    Travel: New Zealand

    Here at Outside Oslo I try to stick to the focus of Scandinavian food but every once in a while something calls to me, asking me to digress. Since I’ve been pretty quiet over here on the blog in recent…