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News from the Norwegian American Weekly (plus Kaffefromasj)


We’ll get to the dessert in a moment. But first I can’t wait to announce that I’m the new food editor for the Norwegian American Weekly! Starting this week, I’ll be shaping the paper’s Taste of Norway section, sharing everything from traditional recipes and stories about the connection between food and heritage to interviews with chefs and features on modern Nordic cooking.

I’ve been contributing to the publication for a few years, and it’s exciting to now be able to take on this role. The paper has some great existing writers, and I’m also seeking new contributors. I’m looking forward to seeing the coverage unfold. But first, I’m settling in with kaffefromasj–basically a Norwegian coffee mousse. It’s no surprise that Norwegians–well, almost all Nordics–love their coffee, and this recipe celebrates that bold, bitter flavor with a creamy, not-too-sweet dessert.

Head over to the Norwegian American Weekly’s website (it’s subscription-based; subscribe here) for my first article as editor–and the recipe for kaffefromasj!


Norwegian Coffee Mousse (Kaffefromasj)
Visit the Norwegian American Weekly’s websit for the recipe




  • Patricia Zanuck

    I really enjoy the Norwegian American Weekly and am so happy that it’s continuing. It’s actually the only publication I make sure to read before tossing in the recycling. Even my kids enjoy some of the articles. (We were so excited to have our letter to the editor published this week!) I look forward to seeing your contributions!

  • Judy

    I can’t get your links to work. I do subscribe to the paper but believe it changed names and does not come out weekly. I hope I am getting the right paper in the mail. I actually decided to subscribe when you said you would be food editor and would be adding your recipes. The last paper did not have one of your Norwegian recipes but a rhubarb drink from someone else. Is there an online edition or do I have to wait for the paper?

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