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  • Broiled Mussels with Dill Butter

    Mussels always take me back to that summer day in Norway, when my husband and I ate lunch on the waterfront in Oslo, on a patio where the chairs were draped with blankets to shield diners from the marine breeze.…

  • Scandinavian Cinnamon Rolls and Other Scandinavian Recipes for Fall

    Cozy Scandinavian Recipes for Fall

    If you’d like to add a good dose of hygge to autumn, food is a great way to begin. After all, food has a way of connecting people, and togetherness is a big part of that Scandinavian way of life.…

  • Kransekake

    Kransekake – A Norwegian & Danish Celebration Cake

    Fifteen years ago this month, a kransekake stood tilting on the cake table at my wedding reception. Adorned with tiny Swedish and Norwegian flags, it hinted at the respective heritages of both my groom and myself. I don’t know if…

  • Swedish Crayfish Party

    Västerbotten Pai (Swedish Cheese Quiche with Mushrooms)

    Before the seasons begin their visible transition from summer to fall, there’s a lovely tradition that is one of the most charming of Scandinavian celebrations: the kräftskiva, or Swedish crayfish party. A tradition every August in Sweden, it’s one that I’ve…

  • A blåbærsuppe-inspired cocktail

    Scandinavians enjoy blåbærsuppe—blueberry or bilberry soup—chilled in the summer, or as a hot drink in colder weather, and this cocktail is a spiked riff on it. Refreshing and herbal, this is a fruit-based cocktail that will please even those who…