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  • Grandma Adeline’s Lefse

    Grandma Adeline was a professional lefse baker back in the day. Here is her recipe, with detailed instructions as I learned the steps from her.

  • Midsummer Picnic Potato Salad

    Midsummer might just be one of my favorite times of the Scandinavian year—specifically because of the food. Think smoked or cured salmon and pickled herring, potato salad, berries, aquavit, and beer. Celebrations might involve picnics and bonfires, and in Sweden,…

  • Coming Soon: The Pescatarian Cookbook for Beginners

    Post includes affiliate links; read more by clicking here. If you’re anything like me, you’ve let some healthy nutrition and lifestyle decisions slip during this pandemic. (Hello, I’m the author of a Scandinavian BAKING book!!). I suspect you’re also eager to prioritize healthy habits again. I have…

  • Syttende Mai with Grandparents 1980s

    Going deeper with those we love (and how food helps)

    Each of us has an ache, I suspect–a longing for deeper connection. If you’ve been following Outside Oslo for a while, you may know part of the story of how I began writing about Scandinavian food over ten years ago. It was…

  • I Wrote You a Book! “Modern Scandinavian Baking”

    Posts may contain affiliate links; read more by clicking here. Food has an incredible way to connect us to others, a means by which we show love. I’ve written for years here on Outside Oslo, about my grandmothers, those wonderful women who shared their hearts through the traditional…