Strawberries in Cream

The Essence of Summer in a Bowl of Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream

Carrots to kale, asparagus to zucchini, rhubarb to strawberries–such is the progression of produce finding its way to markets throughout the year. At this particular moment, strawberries abound. The crimson berries dotted with tiny ovoid seeds mark the season as well as any calendar could. No wonder Norwegians are excited about their strawberries: These sun-kissed morsels must sparkle brilliantly after the long, dark months of winter.

Plate of Strawberries

When at their peak, strawberries require little adornment to shine. One needs only to bite into the juicy berry to experience this gift of nature at its best. Today I offer you an idea for how to enjoy the regal strawberry in a manner almost as simple and pure as it is when it comes from nature. The taste of strawberries and cream brings me back to my childhood experiences of summer, as I suspect it may for you as well.

Strawberries and Cream

I need to provide you no recipe today, only to encourage you to take a few vivid red berries from your next market trip, slice them roughly, and plop them into the bottom of a white porcelain or ceramic bowl. Scoop a teaspoon into a canister of sugar and shake it over the berries ever so gently, watching the granules begin to dissolve as they come in contact with the berries’ moist surface. With the care of an artist, gently tilt the carton of cream over the bowl and pour the opaque liquid over the berries, forgetting about restraint and calories and fat just this once. Allow the cream to pool around the berries, caressing them with its satin touch. Scoop up one of those sugar-coated creamy berries with that teaspoon, slide it into your mouth, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Strawberries in Cream



  • Patricia Zanuck

    I learned about your blog when reading an issue of Norwegian American Weekly recently. I was immediately drawn to your article about strawberries. Norwegian strawberries are my favorite. Barely any strawberries in the USA compare, though I did recently find a variety at a farmer’s market in Santa Monica, California that were pretty tasty.

    I’ll be heading to Norway within a week and can’t wait to have some strawberries. I like them best plain, but will sometimes put some sour cream and sugar on to mix things up, since we eat them practically every day when they are in season.

    You have wonderful pictures and recipes here!

    Patricia Zanuck

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