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  • Icelandic Happy Marriage Cake (Hjónabandssaela)

    Icelandic Happy Marriage Cake (Hjónabandssaela)

    The thought of rhubarb takes me back to my grandparents’ garden, a place that surely was dwarfed by the farms that were their former landscape back in North Dakota yet seemed to me the most amazing sort of wonderland. Some…

  • Fattigmann

    Norwegian Christmas Cookies: Fattigmann

    Gathering the dough into a ball, I inhaled the scent of the cardamom and butter, warm in my hands. Like all those memories from my childhood, the feelings stirring in my heart filled me with a sense of love, a security…

  • Sandkaker / Sandbakkelse

    Norwegian Christmas Cookies: Sandkaker / Sandbakkelse

    I never tire of seeing the variety of cakes and cookies in the Scandinavian tradition. With little more than butter, sugar, eggs, and flour, and often a scattering of spices, we can create an extensive assortment of treats. Sometimes elegant…

  • Berlinerkranser

    Norwegian Christmas Cookies: Berlinerkranser

    I grew up knowing the tradition by taste rather than by name. Syv slags kaker–or seven sorts of cookies. The way it goes, you wouldn’t be a proper Norwegian if you didn’t serve at least seven types of cookies at Christmastime. I…

  • Krumkaker

    Norwegian Christmas Baking: Krumkaker

    I still remember what it was like, cupping my hand under my mouth to catch the crumbs. Biting into a krumkake at my grandparents’ house at Christmastime, I knew that the cookie would inevitably shatter. I just had to be…

  • Kladdkaka

    My Favorite Kladdkaka (Swedish Fudgy Chocolate Cake)

    Life is full of reasons to celebrate, I’m convinced of that. It’s so easy to get caught up in the movement and the swiftness of the everyday. Sometimes—as a friend put it the other day—the monotony. But I’m trying to…

  • Swedish Tiger Cake

    A Perfected Scandinavian Swirled Tiger Cake

    I’ve lost track of all the butter and sugar. I started writing about Scandinavian food seven years ago last month. I have no idea how many sticks of butter and cups of sugar I’ve whipped into cakes and cookies since then, but I’ve…

  • Kvæfjordkake: Norway’s National Cake

    Update on 7/1/20: Find an updated version of the recipe, without a paywall, here. If you’ve ever eaten a slice of Kvæfjordkake, you probably know that the cake pretty much speaks for itself. With its layers of buttery cake, delicate meringue, silky…

  • Norwegian Fluffy Sweet Omelet

    Norwegian Fluffy Sweet Omelet

    The holiday of the moment may be Valentine’s Day, but I’m popping in here for a moment to let you know that this Sunday is also Norwegian Mother’s Day. If you’re not already marking the occasion, why not surprise the mothers…