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  • Marzipan-Stuffed Danish Strawberry Tart with Chocolate

    Before the slow descent into autumn, I’m cramming my kitchen with as many of summer’s sweetest berries as reasonable. Most of the time, I don’t get around to doing anything with them–they generally don’t last long as soon as my…

  • Kladdkaka

    My Favorite Kladdkaka (Swedish Fudgy Chocolate Cake)

    Life is full of reasons to celebrate, I’m convinced of that. It’s so easy to get caught up in the movement and the swiftness of the everyday. Sometimes—as a friend put it the other day—the monotony. But I’m trying to…

  • Swedish Tiger Cake

    A Perfected Scandinavian Swirled Tiger Cake

    I’ve lost track of all the butter and sugar. I started writing about Scandinavian food seven years ago last month. I have no idea how many sticks of butter and cups of sugar I’ve whipped into cakes and cookies since then, but I’ve…

  • Chocolate Cake with Lingonberry Cream

    Chocolate Cake with Lingonberry Cream

    When I was first setting out to discover my heritage for myself as a heartbroken adult, I gravitated to the recipes, specifically the cakes. There were Norwegian Tosca cake, Swedish brandy cake, and fyrstekake (after a number of years, this is now…