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  • Grandma Adeline’s Lefse

    Grandma Adeline was a professional lefse baker back in the day. Here is her recipe, with detailed instructions as I learned the steps from her.

  • Potato and Kale Soup

    Relaxed Hospitality: My New Book Club (with Recipe)

    Posts may contain affiliate links; read more by clicking here. I started this new year with a new book club, and I couldn’t be happier about the fact that I get to invite a group of women into my home each month and talk about books and…

  • Swedish Sailor’s Stew (Sjömansbiff)

    If I could live in the pages of a Scandinavian cookbook, I might. Photographs of snow-kissed mountains and reflective fjords as dark as their chilly depths draw me in, and the food beckons as invitingly as the dinner bell my…

  • New Potatoes and Chanterelles with Lemon and Dill

    As a Seattle-born Norwegian-American, a woman once removed from the country of her father, my way back to my heritage has been through its food. I’ve always loved being Norwegian. Dressing up in a child-sized bunad for Syttende Mai parades…

  • Jansson's Temptation

    Bringing Back the Casserole with Jansson’s Temptation

    There was a time when my ideal evening at home would involve cuddling up with a pillow by the weathered-brick fireplace in our old house, my hardcover edition of Les Misérables or trade copy of Out Stealing Horses in hand. My husband…