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  • Kvæfjordkake: Norway’s National Cake

    Update on 7/1/20: Find an updated version of the recipe, without a paywall, here. If you’ve ever eaten a slice of Kvæfjordkake, you probably know that the cake pretty much speaks for itself. With its layers of buttery cake, delicate meringue, silky…

  • Scandi-Style Salmon Burger in The Norwegian American

    A taste for the sea must run in my blood. Wild salmon grilled, cured, or smoked; oily silver-blue mackerel salted and grilled; humble cod, elegant with its understated opaque white flakes–these are foods my kitchen knows well. Most of the time…

  • Norwegian Fluffy Sweet Omelet

    Norwegian Fluffy Sweet Omelet

    The holiday of the moment may be Valentine’s Day, but I’m popping in here for a moment to let you know that this Sunday is also Norwegian Mother’s Day. If you’re not already marking the occasion, why not surprise the mothers…

  • Kaffefromasj

    News from the Norwegian American Weekly (plus Kaffefromasj)

    We’ll get to the dessert in a moment. But first I can’t wait to announce that I’m the new food editor for the Norwegian American Weekly! Starting this week, I’ll be shaping the paper’s Taste of Norway section, sharing everything from traditional…

  • Our Amazing Norway Brunost Article with Cover

    New Article: How to Enjoy Brunost in Our Amazing Norway

    One of my favorite things about being a food writer is sharing the ingredients, food ideas, and recipes I love with readers from all over. Growing up in a Norwegian-American family, I developed a taste for Norwegian goat cheese as…