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  • Norwegian Baking Class in Seattle, January 24

    In a few hours the clock will strike midnight and Christmas Eve will be upon us. There are a few more gifts to wrap–plus my husband and I just decided a few hours ago to host Christmas dinner at our house–but all…

  • Syttende Mai with Grandparents 1980s

    Syttende Mai: Seattle, 1980s

    Old Ballard was about as Scandinavian as you could get. Though far from the Nordic countries, the little neighborhood north of downtown Seattle had drawn immigrants by the thousands over the years. It used to be as easy to find lefse as it was…

  • Redzepi Dinner Centerpiece

    An Evening with Noma’s René Redzepi

    Raindrops pattered on the clear canopy above us, illuminated by the street lamps and Christmas light-wrapped trees in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. The 150 or so of us had braved the cold, wet November evening to dine outdoors with René…

  • Strawberries in Field

    Picking Strawberries at Biringer Farm

    Summer in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most pleasant, enjoyable combinations of time and place that I can imagine. Neither chilly nor too hot, the days are typically sunny and just warm enough to allow for flip flops…

  • Seattle’s Copper Gate Closes its Doors

    One week ago tonight, on an evening just as sunny–even brighter, in fact–than this, I walked through the open door of the Copper Gate shortly after it opened and took a seat at the bar for closing night. With a…