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  • Bergen Fish Soup and Crispbread

    Bergen Fish Soup (Bergensk fiskesuppe)

    Everyone has their own idea of a place, a snapshot memory encapsulating the scenes, smells, and moods they experienced there. One person’s Paris is different than another’s. A visit to Seattle might be dreary for one and vibrant for another. With…

  • Returning Home & Reflecting on Kauai

    After three weeks, nearly 20,000 air miles and roughly 40 hours of flying, I am home. During the month of March, I spent more time traveling than I did in Seattle—first a whirlwind trip to New Zealand followed by a…

  • Auckland Skyline in Distance

    Travel: New Zealand

    Here at Outside Oslo I try to stick to the focus of Scandinavian food but every once in a while something calls to me, asking me to digress. Since I’ve been pretty quiet over here on the blog in recent…

  • Just a Note to Say Hi

    Hello friends. It’s been rather silent here at Outside Oslo in the past few weeks, so I figured it’s time to say hello. I’ve had wonderful adventures since I wrote last, a hint of which you’re seeing in these few…